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Let's bring your venture to life Let's bring your venture to life Let's bring your venture to life


We’re currently accepting applications from entrepreneurs and investing through our $10 million venture studio fund, making initial investments in the range of $100,000 to $250,000.

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We incubate, build, and invest financial, human, and network capital to fuel inhouse solutions, ambitious entrepreneurs and rising companies that are creating for the needs of today, tomorrow and the future. We seek to partner for the long term and participate in a portion or all stages of your company’s life-cycle.

We are looking for internet-based projects that are focused on using technology to improve our society.

Early stage. We accept ideas, MVP, and product market fit stage. We require at least one full-time founder.

We are making investments of $100k – $200k in Seed Rounds.

Anything that pertains to the business and is vital for its success.

Yes, we ensure each company in our venture studio are taken care of and attended to.