Pioneering the future of digital opportunities Pioneering the future of digital opportunities Pioneering the future of digital opportunities

Our model
for innovation

We incubate, build, and invest financial, human, and network capital to fuel in-house solutions and early stage companies led by ambitious entrepreneurs that are creating for the needs of today, tomorrow and the future.

Fueling innovation through inclusive investing

We provide investors access to a diversified and flexible portfolio of equity and next-gen assets. We utilize capital to develop innovative in-house solutions, fuel market-defining companies led by diverse founders, and make calculated investments in undiscovered digital assets with serious upside.

Providing companies an unfair advantage

With a comprehensive team of investment professionals, business operators, multi-disciplinary talent, strategists and network of world-class advisors — we not only invest, but provide mentorship, training, and technical resources to founders that are essential to launching successful companies.

digital companies

We’re building the digital infrastructure of tomorrow, today. Focusing our efforts on solutions and technologies that make life better through the internet. We’re currently investing in:

AI & Machine Learning

IoT & Automation

Blockchain & Crypto

Fintech & Capital Markets

Consumer & Enterprise

Health & Medtech

Data & Cloud Computing

AR/VR & Gamification

Closing the
funding gap

There’s a capital gap. As minorities with disadvantaged backgrounds, we have firsthand experience of the barriers, discipline and sacrifice needed when launching and scaling viable businesses. So we’ve opened a fund that supports diversity in the innovation ecosystem by helping underserved and disadvantaged founders overcome the educational, capital, operational and network challenges that often stifle growth. 

Adding value
to entrepreneurs

We bring more than just capital. We actively fuel, build and support entrepreneurs throughout their journey. With a winning combination of our collective team’s experience, domain knowledge, and network, we help unlock value and launch successful companies. 


We provide capital, as well as, attracting external funding to founders building market defining companies.


We provide mentorship, training, and technical resources to founders to build companies the right way.


We provide access to our network of global talent, advisors, and brand partners to advance their companies effectively.

Dedicated to designing the future

Over the past 20 years, our team has generated millions in start-up value, helped raise millions in capital, developed products for various companies that resulted in over $500 million in combined revenue, and grew millions in customer base – launching some of the most iconic tech brands of our era.  After realizing that our approach to development and design generates massive valuation metrics, we founded our venture studio, WebTheory.

Recent investments
and incubations

Cinc City is an online investment platform enabling individuals to invest in a low-cost, diversified portfolio of institutional-quality real estate.

Does Not Expire is a collaborative creative network bringing together brilliant minds who are experts in crafting innovative web2 and web3 brands and experiences.

FoodChain is an online marketplace that brings everything together when it comes to local food distribution and on-demand food procurement, all in one place.

Ponix establishes and operates autonomous indoor farms within cities, providing consumers and businesses direct access to fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

SolidCert is the premier and proprietary solution for near-time authentication, on-site digital credentialing, and comprehensive preventative reporting for the wireless telecom industry.

Spacetime is a new web-based 3D video chat platform for shared online experiences.

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