Where the potential of tech meets the power of people Where the potential of tech meets the power of people Where the potential of tech meets the power of people

Dedicated. Diligent. Diverse.

A culmination of experience, excellence, and steadfast tenacity is what makes our seasoned team the unmatched resource for all things digital.

Michael Choi

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Thomas Rafael

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Renee Collins

Head of Creative

Gigi Gouraige

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Taylor Anderson

Head of Operations

Prince Foysal

Head of Technology

A past that paved the future

We are a team of minority entrepreneurs with a passion for technology and business. Our journey began with building successful startups and assisting Fortune 500 companies in their growth and development. Our experiences have given us a unique perspective on the tech industry, and we quickly realized that we have the knowledge and talent to create and support new ventures.

That’s when we turned our attention to venture capital. We knew that our past experience and successes would be invaluable to new entrepreneurs looking to make their own mark. We wanted to support and empower others in the same way that we had been supported and empowered throughout our careers.

One area of particular interest to us is technology. We have seen firsthand the potential that technology has to revolutionize industries and create new opportunities. We have deep expertise in it are committed to investing in and supporting ventures in this space.

Our mission is simple:

Empower minority entrepreneurs to create successful businesses and drive innovation in the tech industry. We believe that by leveraging our experience and expertise, we can make a difference in the lives of entrepreneurs and the industry as a whole.

The pillars we've built our house on


Be Innovative

Constantly push boundaries and explore new solutions that make a difference


Be Steadfast

Produce high-caliber products, services and solutions that exceed expectations


Be Different

Live outside the box, challenge yourself and let your results do the talking


Be Humble

Establish a culture of trust, collaboration, communication and community


Be Honest

Exhibit integrity, transparency, and ethical behavior in all facets of business.


Be Balanced

Add value to everyone and in every aspect of life—whether at work, at home or at play.

We're grateful to collaborate with the best

Unique. Disciplined. Honest.

These are a few traits that we’re looking for in potential teammates. If you fit the bill and are looking to work on builds that challenge, excite and bring joy but also frustration to your life — give us your best pitch.

Interested in investing or collaborating with us? We’d like to hear from you.